Who I Am

My name is Jim Carr, and I am a metal artist, specializing in the creation of handmade, crafted, functional, metal art. All of my work is custom hammered, raised, chased, or poured by hand, resulting in a one of a kind, quality piece of art that will last for generations. I think of my work as a thing of beauty to be used as a functional piece or to be viewed as a sculpture art.


Our Approach


Our Story

Education and Training

I am a self-taught sculptor and foundry-man and I received my Bachelor of Science from the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO in 1975. I was side tracked by a career as a correctional officer for 30 years. I then attended Drury University and received my Masters Degree in Education in Springfield, MO. I taught as an adjunct professor at Ozark Technical College in Springfield, MO. I also worked as the strength and conditioning coach at Drury University.


Before finding my passion for metal art, I invented and prosecuted a patent for an electronic skipping machine. I needed help to make a prototype. After several attempts to get a prototype made, a friend of mine recommended that I go to Reyco Foundry in Springfield, MO. I then met a retiree named Charles Slater. We were able to make the parts I needed for my prototype machine and I received a patent.

The connection I made with Charlie wasn't about just making the parts; I fell in love with the sand casting and foundry process. I eventually made all my own equipment and set up my own home foundry. I continued to work with Charlie in a student-teacher realtionship. After working with him for 4 years, he found out he had lung cancer that was brought on by chain smoking for 30+ years. Charlie knew I enjoyed doing the foundry work and making things, so he wanted to pass on his knowledge to me because foundry work was a dying craft.

Most of my love for metal work came from my father who was a salvage yard owner and always used a torch and welder to manufacture something to make his job easier. I learned a lot watching my father weld and use a cutting torch to build lifts, crushers, and other machinery. Due to the time I spent with my father, the transition to foundry work was easy for me.

I also made my own tools for my metal shop. This includes a swedge block, bending tools, and a treadle hammer. With the loving help of my wife, Carol, we built my shop, started J&C Sales, and began creating one-of-a-kind metal art.


Inspired by nature, I use copper and wood tree branches that last forever.

I design one of a kind, copper, brass, steel, aluminium, pieces of art to bring enjoyment into the homes and lives of others. Each piece is handmade and designed for quality, craftsmanship, by planishing, sanding, buffing, and polishing.